A place where peace descends..
Storstua is a place where people from all denominations can come together in a spirit to exalt Him. We warmly welcome you to us! If you are planning a trip, we will be happy to help you. Contact us by phone or e-mail for more information.


The Founders

Heidi and Geir Korneliussen (Geir unfortunately passed away in 2021) are founders and CEO's of Storstua Care and Conference Center

Our vision

At Storstua, we welcome an atmosphere of God's love and the Holy Spirit. Here you will find a peace that descends upon you as soon as you enter the door. We have a dream to be an equipment center for God's people in Norway. A place where you can go to be inspired, challenged, comforted, healed or simply just rest in the presence of God.

Equipment and refills

If you feel that you need to get away for a few days, or if you need equipment and replenishment in your Christian life, our door is open to you. Storstua will also be an offer for people with challenges who need a springboard back into society.

Hotel capacity

We have a total of 83 rooms divided into single rooms, double rooms and family rooms. The fashion hall could accommodate 250 people, and we have
spiseplass til 160.


Become a support partner?

If you want to become a support partner, this can be done through "Storstuas Venner" by using VIPs, bank or tax-deductible gifts. If you wish to use gifts with tax deductions, you must provide us with your social security number. There is no commitment period associated with our permanent support partner and you can cancel such an agreement at your bank at any time.

Konto: 2270.28.15650 (Modum Sparebank)
Vipps: 512819

Hotellveien 2, 

Organisasjonsnummer: 920 529 283

Contact person: Sveinung Espevik, Tlf 31 00 45 15

Privacy Policy:
We will keep information that you are/have been a donor and by using this service you agree to receive information from us. We will not disclose your name, address and social security number to others, with the exception of requirements from public authorities.